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Christmas Overeating


Best Christmas Ever - My guide to having an awesome holiday season in 2015

Welcome to my Christmas blog. Being with family and friends is the greatest joy of the holidays, and I want to share all the ways I try to make it special. You can expect posts about Christmas, everything from holiday decorations and gourmet goodies to great Christmas music play lists (think Bing Crosby) and awesome gift giving ideas. I love making lists, as you'll see. - Ger xo

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Ugly Sweater

Thanks to Chris and Meghan for hosting their first annual "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party"! The holiday decorations were fantastic, the food was creative & super yummy, the company was superb and the memories and pics are hilarious. It was an eighties theme so you'll notice my mall hair (me on the right) and mullet Ben sported. Can't wait until next year!

It's All About the Grandkids!


Here I am with my granddaughter Lee-chan. She alone is worth every effort to make this a wonderful time for her and her baby brother. Christmas is a magical time for children and nothing's better than seeing the wonder of it all in their eyes.

Best Online Gift Shopping Ideas

It's gotten to the point where I hardly ever go to the mall for gifts! Online shopping is amazing in that most department and boutique stores offer deep holiday discounts and free shipping coupons. Why would I want to leave my home and get frustrated with the crowds?!

I'm starting to compile a top list of my favorite places to shop that have great Christmas gift ideas.

Check out my top 10 gift ideas and online stores here.



I'm Ger and I don't know anyone who loves Christmas more than I do. I know it started with the presents, parties with relatives and all that palate-numbing sugary baking. Now, it's more about re-creating the magic of the season and giving myself a creative outlet. (Read more)

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